Marketing & Design Focused on What Matters to Your Business

Every business has limited resources and can't afford to waste valuable time or budget on ineffective marketing activities. Med City Creative provides practical, affordable tools and strategies for getting the results that matter to your business like winning customers, increasing sales and growing profits. We are a design and brand strategy agency out of Rochester, MN specializing in website design, branding, logo design, graphic design, digital marketing and so much more.

No two businesses are alike. Our proven "3 M's" process starts with taking the time to understand your goals, customers, competitors and unique value proposition. We then work with you to:

  1. Craft a message that is relevant to your customers' needs and clearly differentiates your unique value from your competitors. A message that creates action, not just interest.
  2. Determine the best methods or channels to optimize your resources for best results.
  3. Measure results to maximize resources and continually improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

“Great service, great price, great experience!”

”Our expectations have not just been met by Med City Creative, they’ve been exceeded. THANK YOU!”

- Mike Stork, Marketing Director, Recover Health